So I woke up one day and I had a warren in my front lawn…

Well, to be fair I didn’t know about them until my sister told me they were there. You see, we had a warren before and a hawk that hung around my neighbourhood had picked them all off. This time, we decided to keep an eye on them until they were able to leave on their own.

At first you really had to look to notice they were even there. My mom found out when she was picking out grass from her flowers and accidentally picked up one of the bunnies.

Well we had come to the conclusion that we just gotta wait a few weeks when they get older and they’ll leave on their own.

At first they had reddish brown coats and their eyes were closed. The mom was still around. We saw her hiding around the other houses.

In the video, you can see (and embarrassingly hear me baby-talking them) they are now getting their darker brown coats and they have little white dots on their heads.

Lastly, they now got their eyes open and are hopping around. So I know I’ll be seeing them leave soon. But we protected them from the hawks that also inhabit my area so that they’ll have a fighting chance (unlike the first warren that the hawk ended up killing all the babies but 1).


Not a full post…

Just giving you guys a heads up, I’ll be posting some pictures of bunnies later. They started living in my front lawn. There is quite a few so it’ll he a bit of a long post.

The Killmonger VS Thanos debate had me thinking…

So people are kinda balking at the fact that Micheal B. Jordan’s Killmonger beat out Josh Brolin’s Thanos as Best Villian at the MTV Movie & TV awards. But if you really look at his storyline, it kinda makes sense.

I mean sure, Thanos did depopulate half of the universe to try and save it in his own head. But I feel like his shit was an ego trip. He tried to warn his planet and that didn’t work out as he planned so it’s almost like to prove to no one that asked him to prove he was right, he then does it to the entire universe. Not that insanity is suppose to make sense, but his reasoning behind his villainy is severely flawed.

Killmonger’s animosity towards Wakanda is valid (in my humble opinion) and made sense if you look at it through the Marvel Universe’s eyes. The then King of Wakanda killed his father and abandoned him in The States, like they abandoned all the rest of the black people outside of it’s boarders whom his father was advocating to help. Growing up as an American gave him an up close look at how fucked up Wakanda is morally; “We have the power to make you better, healthier, stronger people with an identity that doesn’t involve the word ‘slave’ or ‘nigger’, but since you’re not of Wakanda, it ain’t our problem.”

With a single-minded goal to not go back and set things right, but instead to tear that shit to the ground, since in his eyes it’s morally corrupt to begin with, Killmonger aims to bring the country to war in order to finish what his father started.

He literally is a villain with nothing to lose.

So if we are looking at it from a writing standpoint, Thanos has a plot weaker then a wet paper bag, compared to Killmonger. The only thing Thanos beats him on is the scale of his endeavors, but not the quality.