Ever Watch “My Lovely Sam-Soon”?

Well there is this scene in MLSS where she is sitting at home mixing rice in a pot with stuff that was handy around the house.

I’ve been making mix-up rice ever since. The closest thing I can say it compares to is Poke. All you need is rice, tuna (sushi grade or canned), whatever vegetables you like (I prefer cucumber, red onion and green onion), Japanese rice seasoning (or if you are like my West Indian self, add Irie Seafood Seasoning, garlic powder and onion powder and the Japanese rice seasoning because a meal without spice is not a meal) sushi/sashimi sauce, a tiny bit of sushi mayo, tsp of pure sesame seed oil and Korean pepper paste.

I affectionately call it “Ghetto Poke” because it tastes like Poke without the fish roe.

While it may not look all that great to the eye, my stomach, and the stomach of those I’ve served it to have never once complained.


My Starbucks Favourites

So like anyone that likes to go to Starbucks, I got favourites. Three to be precise. So here is my three favs:

1) The Thai Chicken Wrap — ultimately the best pick-up and go wrap I’ve had thus far.

2) Madeleines — just the plain ones; I actually dislike the chocolate dipped ones with no actual reason. I just prefer them plain.

3) The Tiramisu Frapp — actually not on the menu at Starbucks. It’s one of those secret recipe frappuccinos that you can only get if you produce the recipe from the app. Instantly became my favourite because I am a coffee lover and this gives you a crazy amount of caffeine for a frapp.

Recipe provided taken from Secret Menu app.

Playing Around with IMVU Avatars

So I have been seeing ads for a while for IMVU and ignored it largely because I am not really a chat person. Maybe back in high school (many a decade ago, heh) but not really now.

I did figure out a great use for it though. Making my avatar a model for a lot of fantasy, modern fantasy shots.

So now I am here dressing up an avatar and editing pictures over multiple programs to give you stuff like:

My boredom has no limits!!!!

Writer’s block

Everyone gets it now and again, but I feel like I am in this lazy funk when it comes to my writing.

Just a little back story here: I’ve been writing fictional stories from since High School and aside for the ones I wrote for writing contests, I haven’t finished any of them.

With that said I am about one chapter away from finishing the only full fledged book I’ve ever written and I just can’t seem to pick how to end it.

So now it’s three years later and I still can’t come up with an ending. Even the last chapter I wrote for it seems kinda off, like I was just trying too hard to wrap stuff up.


I think I’ll have to read it again from the beginning and try and pan out why it’s stalled in my head.

Did I mention this is all recreational?