Just realized I didn’t share the photo on my Pandora Bracelet!

Here we go!


Professional Steam Iron: Does It Work? (Not Sponsored)

The answer is yaaaaaassssssss. **cough** Ahem. Yes. Yes it does.

Image taken from shopatshowcasecanada.com

Mind you, I am black with hair that is thick and in my opinion medium coarse. With that said my hair is getting pressed out better than most irons I’ve ever had. It comes out soft and silky smooth. Dare I say it’s better than relaxer!

Only Con: this iron really sucks at doing edges and those small hairs on the nape of your neck. But if you are looking to press out your hair and not weigh it down with creams and sprays, this iron is seriously bomb.

Sorry no hair pictures; been sick all through Christmas and New Years so my face looks meh.

I know I keep posting my Wish purchases but…

I am totally in love with these silk flowers. Can’t keep real flowers due to allergies.


Life update: shopping booty

No I am not hunting backsides, I’ve been shopping on Wish a lot recently and my loot is lit. 

Wish items in the photo above are: bracelet, chain bead, fairy tail book bead, and crown bead. 

Wish items: Galaxy bead

Wish items: ring


Mac box set

Got lucky and went to Mac at The Bay and they had a special sale. $67 ($71.50 w/taxes) on box sets if you pre-order. I got the coral. ❤️


Publicus Phonimus Maximus:

see how this endangered species has evolved to camouflage itself in it’s urban environment. 😂


Hi, I’m a Wish-o-holic…

  So after months of hearing about Wish.com, I decided to buy from them. That was December/January. Now I am starting to see my purchases come in, and let me tell you, I like. 
So on the left is the bracelet and ring I bought for my friend, and on the right is the bracelet (minus the beads, those I bought somewhere else) and ring I bought for myself. 

Like any online purchases, there are risks. Out of the 16 items I’ve purchased from Wish (I know, I know 🙈) 3 of them I refunded for taking too long, 4 of them I received (pictured above) and 9 are still en route. 

Those 4 cost me $33.

Those 4’s retail value was $247.

And for those of you saying to yourself, “They’re not real”, hate to burst the hate bubble but I just asked the jeweller at my local mall about the ring on the right and he agrees it would be sold at the retail value the Web site states ($131). And I only paid $17, shipping included, so he was impressed. The only thing he warns is that jewelry is not an investment; that selling it to a pawn shop would only get you back it’s weight in silver, not the retail value. So buy it for your own pleasure.