A little Korean-West Indian fusion? Yes, please!

Kimchi fried rice and jerk pork. My mouth and belly are happy.


Playing Around with IMVU Avatars

So I have been seeing ads for a while for IMVU and ignored it largely because I am not really a chat person. Maybe back in high school (many a decade ago, heh) but not really now.

I did figure out a great use for it though. Making my avatar a model for a lot of fantasy, modern fantasy shots.

So now I am here dressing up an avatar and editing pictures over multiple programs to give you stuff like:

My boredom has no limits!!!!

Writer’s block

Everyone gets it now and again, but I feel like I am in this lazy funk when it comes to my writing.

Just a little back story here: I’ve been writing fictional stories from since High School and aside for the ones I wrote for writing contests, I haven’t finished any of them.

With that said I am about one chapter away from finishing the only full fledged book I’ve ever written and I just can’t seem to pick how to end it.

So now it’s three years later and I still can’t come up with an ending. Even the last chapter I wrote for it seems kinda off, like I was just trying too hard to wrap stuff up.


I think I’ll have to read it again from the beginning and try and pan out why it’s stalled in my head.

Did I mention this is all recreational?


Kwan Dim Sum Express pt. 2

Definitely a better experience second time around. Love the New Years decorations, too.

Also, the pictures were edited with infltr; an app that lets you make and save your own filters. I kinda like it.

Went there with my best friend after helping my other bestie move. Been a crazy day.


Spicy Mussel Stew

Finally made the actual stew. Now I wish I could still drink Soju. Damn you, fatty liver! **shakes fist**



Just realized I didn’t share the photo on my Pandora Bracelet!

Here we go!


So I Just Spent $111 at Pandora…

Because I had bought a cheap safety chain to put on my pandora bracelet so my beads wouldn’t fall off when I took off my bracelet but it was constantly unscrewing itself and getting tangled. And the only clip one was the most expensive one… so I got it and now I’m thinking of all the food I could have made with that money. 😢