Dim Sum Express

So I was passing through STC and was hungry and look who opened up already? Dim Sum Express!

Was waiting a while for this restaurant to open so I was pretty surprised when I rounded the corner on the upper level of Scarborough Town Centre, heading towards the food court, and saw the place was not only open but busy.

Well I had some time so I went over, told the host it was just me, and got taken to a table. The host placed a brochure-looking menu in front of me and a pencil, wrote what I suppose was my table number on it and politely left me to browse it.

I picked the fried tentacle, steamed BBQ pork bun and Japanese coffee cake, and…

The food was good. I can’t lie. I was throughly happy with the meal. What I was not happy about was the server that brought it out. Didn’t really acknowledge me; just clanked the dishes on the table, I assume got confused because my order’s brochure-menu was beside me, not in front of me. Then she just drops the desert near me and walks way.

Don’t get me wrong, the customer service with the host at the front of house and the servers that took my order were stellar. I tipped her well. But man, that lady who delivers the food was like being splashed with cold water.

So overall opinion? Good food, good space, good servers, just don’t include the middleman/woman that brings you your food in that equation.


It took two years but from my complaint to notice but…

iTunes finally lets me buy Japanese music from the Canadian store!!!!!!

I know. You must be thinking this is the first post in 9 months and all she has to say for herself is that she can download music on iTunes.

No, you don’t get it. iTunes as of two years ago would only provide awful, ass hat covers of songs. I will never be untramatized from some random dude trying to sing Papermoon— a song by Tommy Heavenly6 (who is female, and the original was waaaaaaaaay better.

Bands like Abingdon Boys School, UVERworld, Sambomaster, Gazette, Hyde, ACID, Theatre Book, CREAM, Heidi, Maximum the Hormone, Supercell, fripSide, Stance Punks,  The Brillian Green, MUCC, Diggy-Mo, Rookiez is Punk’d, Orange Range, and Asian Kung-Fu Generations — to name a horde, would be either covers, ringtones or just not there.
The only artists that was on there was Utada Hikaru (Kingdom Hearts fans might know her work more; Sanctuary was pretty big on a lot of playlists) Yoko Kanno (apart from Ragnarok Online Soundtrack, she is really famous for her works on a ton of popular animes such as Lupin the Third, Ghost in the Shell and Darker Than Black to name a few), and a few big rollers.

So as a fan of Japanese Rock/Pop, you can see why I am estatic.

My Favourite songs list:

Strength — Abingdon Boys School

Kimi No Kirei Ni Kizuite Okure  — Sambomaster


Prayer  — ACID

LEVEL 5 Judgelight  — fripSide