Mmm… Sushi

So met Kate for the first time today. Kate is my frined’s co-worker, whom I’ve befriended through group texts. We decided that since I finally got my Thursday’s back to myself, instead of helping out my sister at work, we’d meet up for lunch. I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and because they kidnapped Kate for a meeting, it ended up being breakfast lunch and dinner, lol. I can honestly say I’ve had better but the customer service was good enough for me to want to come back. (And tip better)
Also, you might note “Hoobae” and “Unni” in the tags. No I am not Korean (though I am a fan of the culture), my friend who is a K-pop fan has adorably been calling me “Sunbae” or work Senior/Upperclassmen for years. And we’re now calling Kate “Unni” (older sister) and my friend I refer back to her as Hoobae (underclass men/work junior). It’s a inside joke we share. 
But yeah, had fun eating sushi, and cracking up about personal stories.

Hi, I’m a Wish-o-holic…

  So after months of hearing about, I decided to buy from them. That was December/January. Now I am starting to see my purchases come in, and let me tell you, I like. 
So on the left is the bracelet and ring I bought for my friend, and on the right is the bracelet (minus the beads, those I bought somewhere else) and ring I bought for myself. 

Like any online purchases, there are risks. Out of the 16 items I’ve purchased from Wish (I know, I know ๐Ÿ™ˆ) 3 of them I refunded for taking too long, 4 of them I received (pictured above) and 9 are still en route. 

Those 4 cost me $33.

Those 4’s retail value was $247.

And for those of you saying to yourself, “They’re not real”, hate to burst the hate bubble but I just asked the jeweller at my local mall about the ring on the right and he agrees it would be sold at the retail value the Web site states ($131). And I only paid $17, shipping included, so he was impressed. The only thing he warns is that jewelry is not an investment; that selling it to a pawn shop would only get you back it’s weight in silver, not the retail value. So buy it for your own pleasure. 

My Year in a Nutshell Suspiciously Shaped as a Square…

  So… You were probably thinking I was gone. Nope. WordPress was messing up for a long time and all my posts would become drafts. I couldn’t publish anything because the app would shut down. 
So to recap my life over the months I’ve been away:

1) Got a spa package for my birthday, various things happened and I ended up getting two free full body massages. At the same time my mother let her friends who suddenly tell her they are basically homeless stay at our place and convince my “uncle” (but not my uncle) to help her with her floors…. The weekend of my birthday, so after being at the spa, I spend the rest of my hours on my knees hand sawing floor boards and helping “uncle”.  A mixture of the coolest and most disappointing birthday. 

2) Went to my first TFC game ๐Ÿ™‚ , came home worked on the floors. 

3) Went to my first Union event, the Light the Night Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma. It was amazing. And seeing the children waving back at us from the hospital was probably one of those special moments that come very rarely in your life. 

4) Second trip to the spa my friend went with me, got me a belated birthday present; a citrine pendant. 

5) Went to a friend’s birthday party at The D-Spot and had their signature waffle…. There are no words to describe how good the brownies on this waffle was.

6) Discovered! Bought the “Ruby Aquamarine Morganite Peridot Silver Ring” in size 8. It lived up to my expectations. (Thank you, Nawei Store!)
And that’s what I’ve been doing!