Kwan Dim Sum Express pt. 2

Definitely a better experience second time around. Love the New Years decorations, too.

Also, the pictures were edited with infltr; an app that lets you make and save your own filters. I kinda like it.

Went there with my best friend after helping my other bestie move. Been a crazy day.


Professional Steam Iron: Does It Work? (Not Sponsored)

The answer is yaaaaaassssssss. **cough** Ahem. Yes. Yes it does.

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Mind you, I am black with hair that is thick and in my opinion medium coarse. With that said my hair is getting pressed out better than most irons I’ve ever had. It comes out soft and silky smooth. Dare I say it’s better than relaxer!

Only Con: this iron really sucks at doing edges and those small hairs on the nape of your neck. But if you are looking to press out your hair and not weigh it down with creams and sprays, this iron is seriously bomb.

Sorry no hair pictures; been sick all through Christmas and New Years so my face looks meh.