While passing my doctor’s office…



It was so pretty, I had to take a quick pic.


Nacho: The New Boyfriend



Stopped by my friend’s house for the first time in years, on my way to the gym, and I finally met Nacho!!!

What I said to get this shot? “Nacho, your owner’s a wretch, so you’re my new boyfriend.”

Apparently my new boyfriend hates listening because he ran down the hall and didn’t listen to my friends calls at all. He had to chase him back down the hall, with a detour into the elevator, where he was caught and grounded for being bad, lol.

Cooking for my Sister



So my sister’s husband completely forgot that she’s allergic to beef now, so there is nothing for her to eat at her house so I pulled out the George Foreman and the skillet and made grilled chicken, stir-fry vegetables and roasted garlic dip.

Yes boys, I can cook, and I’m single! **wink**

Okay, back to tele!

Pleasant Surprise or Garden’s Gone Wild


So here I am helping out my mom with her garden and I see these cute little flowers growing by the fence. Dilemma. My mom never plants small white flowers. Apparently my neighbour doesn’t feel the need to clean or maintain their garden and it has now invaded my moms. Half an hour later, all invaders were vanquished aside from the ones peeking through the fence.