Paper for iPad



Welcome to the gorgeous, but oh-so-frustrating awesomeness that is Paper by Fifty-three.

While some features on this drawing app are just amazing, like blending colours and being able to print a book of your work, actually making work worth printing, on the other hand, is another matter.

While my drawing (see above) isn’t bad, I could have done a more exact job on ProCreate.

Also, with such a lacking selection of tools (and at $1.99 a pop per tool) I really think Paper needs to up their A game. Don’t get me wrong, it makes pretty pictures, and their way of mixing colours is unique, their drawing in a zoom window option is an innovative touch up idea, but that’s about it.

While the ad for turning your Paper projects into a real life book (Moleskin) shows detailed sketches, actually getting it to look anything that detailed will not be as easy as draw and print. The undo option (accurately named “rewind”) is an annoying two-finger circle motion that sometimes will make you scribble all over your drawing before you get it to activate and undo what you did.

I could go on, but really, you should try it for yourself and see if it’s worth the gimmicks.


One good picture, two bad weeks



On Oct. 4th, 2013, my Dad (see “My Aunt’s Poinsettia is as Big as My Dad’s Head”) was on an accident on the TTC, where he had been on his way to the bank via streetcar, had just got in and the streetcar had started to move, when it slammed on the brakes and sent my Dad flying to the front of the streetcar, and was eventually sent to Mount Sinai Hospital.

After the first visit to Mt. Sinai resulted in them sending him home at 11pm (with $300 worth of knee and foot brace because he had a broken foot and torn ligaments in his knee, and yet, they didn’t want to give him surgery and said it would heal itself) and he fainted in the emergency exit because they couldn’t “find a wheelchair” and neglected to check his bp properly before he left and didn’t realize it was low.

And then officially discharging him at 1:00am after having a Filipino nurse and the so called head nurse on staff that night (yeah you, Matthew: you ass) flip out on my mother and sister when my mother mentioned to my sister to document everything (cus, you know, we have to keep records for accidents like this, since he will be off work for 3 months thanks to the Rocket) and the Filipino nurse accused my mother of threatening her, when my mother was talking to my sister.

Then, finding out on Thursday at the fracture clinic, that he should never have been discharged, and needed surgery otherwise he won’t be able to use his leg.

Getting his surgery late Friday evening, back in his room 1:00 am Saturday morning (had to cancel the birthday spa, obviously, cus Dad comes first), spend the day with him in the rehab floor, took the above picture when we were going to the bank at Bay & College, spends this morning at the hospital and was eventually released this afternoon.

Sorry I didn’t have more, cooler pictures though. Wanted to take more, just no time, too much stress, and lacking too much sleep.