Empire Finale!

Daaaaayum Hakeem!

Just had to say it…


I didn’t paint this; Believe it or not, it’s an app!

So I was on App Store a few weeks back and I see this free app of the week called “Brushstroke” and click on it, cus it’s free and when it comes to photos I am a freeness whore. Well what I got was the end of the photorealistic painter, because they made an app to replace you. Don’t get me wrong, I love the app. It makes your selfies look like beautiful paintings, but I can’t help but think of the poor artists like myself who drew and painted for the love of the skill, only to be replaced by a newer model.

It’s still my work, I mean I am the subject, but I dunno… It feels a little like cheating if I just posted it and said, “Here’s me!”

Workplace Doodles and Selfies

I was at work, helping my sister do labels on my day off and I drew this with a blue permanent marker on used paper. Haven’t drawn in a while so I can say it’s not half bad for a drawing that I couldn’t fix or erase. 

This picture I was playing around with an assortment of photography apps (Fotolr, Aviary, instagram to name a few) and figured I liked it despite the fact that I was in my PJs.