Mmm… Sushi

So met Kate for the first time today. Kate is my frined’s co-worker, whom I’ve befriended through group texts. We decided that since I finally got my Thursday’s back to myself, instead of helping out my sister at work, we’d meet up for lunch. I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and because they kidnapped Kate for a meeting, it ended up being breakfast lunch and dinner, lol. I can honestly say I’ve had better but the customer service was good enough for me to want to come back. (And tip better)
Also, you might note “Hoobae” and “Unni” in the tags. No I am not Korean (though I am a fan of the culture), my friend who is a K-pop fan has adorably been calling me “Sunbae” or work Senior/Upperclassmen for years. And we’re now calling Kate “Unni” (older sister) and my friend I refer back to her as Hoobae (underclass men/work junior). It’s a inside joke we share. 
But yeah, had fun eating sushi, and cracking up about personal stories.