Bloodmasque on iPhone/iPad

So I started this game a couple months back when Dad was going for surgery. Can I say, for a game for iPhone/iPad, that this is some cool shit.


First, let me say that it is a vampire game… Now don’t groan. I know some of you have had your fill of vamp-ness but honestly, this game wasn’t as groan worthy as I thought.

So it’s story mode for the majority of the game, I won’t spoil it for you because that is part of the fun, where you show your prowess as a half human-vampire hybrid in service to the Hunter’s Guild of Paris, where our story takes place.

One of the best tidbits about this game is how you can either have a preset avatar, or an avatar with your own face (see above picture) which makes the story mode more interesting because you are actually seeing your game self defeating everything.


You can choose a clan, and switch clans depending on the foe you are trying to vanquish. Get armour from your battles or from the shop. Yes, there is in-app purchases but you don’t need them to win, you can keep trying until you get it.

Now the downside (this wouldn’t be one of my reviews if I didn’t play devil’s advocate) iPad mini users will have either lag or crashing issues that have yet to be fully knocked out by fixes. Dodging in the game is not 100%, so you can find yourself getting hit despite constantly being in the dodge position. Oh, that goes for iPhone 4, too. And if you are going the non-purchasing route, you’ll have to keep killing monsters to get weapons strong enough to carry you to the next challenge. I spent a lot of hours trying to beat the Paris big-bad. Then another set of hours trying to get that trick to drop the armour I wanted.

All in all if they fix the bugs and how rigged the dodge is, it’s a pretty kick-ass game.