A little Korean-West Indian fusion? Yes, please!

Kimchi fried rice and jerk pork. My mouth and belly are happy.


Kwan Dim Sum Express pt. 2

Definitely a better experience second time around. Love the New Years decorations, too.

Also, the pictures were edited with infltr; an app that lets you make and save your own filters. I kinda like it.

Went there with my best friend after helping my other bestie move. Been a crazy day.


Spicy Mussel Stew

Finally made the actual stew. Now I wish I could still drink Soju. Damn you, fatty liver! **shakes fist**


Korean Spicy Chicken and Basil Leaves

Had some left over basil and decided to leaf-wrap my chicken with it.


Experimenting With Mussels

So I made New Zealand Mussels with Spicy Mussel Stew broth over it. (Since I have plenty of Korean Pepper Paste left.


Sorry, Posting Late

Happy New Year!!! Went to Hot House on Front St. E. & Church St. on NYE.

Had a house salad, surf and turf and crème brûlée.

And the last shot was outside the restaurant, at the intersection.