Slow Cooker Dinner

So my sister wanted something different for dinner. Mission accepted.


Ever Watch “My Lovely Sam-Soon”?

Well there is this scene in MLSS where she is sitting at home mixing rice in a pot with stuff that was handy around the house.

I’ve been making mix-up rice ever since. The closest thing I can say it compares to is Poke. All you need is rice, tuna (sushi grade or canned), whatever vegetables you like (I prefer cucumber, red onion and green onion), Japanese rice seasoning (or if you are like my West Indian self, add Irie Seafood Seasoning, garlic powder and onion powder and the Japanese rice seasoning because a meal without spice is not a meal) sushi/sashimi sauce, a tiny bit of sushi mayo, tsp of pure sesame seed oil and Korean pepper paste.

I affectionately call it “Ghetto Poke” because it tastes like Poke without the fish roe.

While it may not look all that great to the eye, my stomach, and the stomach of those I’ve served it to have never once complained.

Cooking for my Sister



So my sister’s husband completely forgot that she’s allergic to beef now, so there is nothing for her to eat at her house so I pulled out the George Foreman and the skillet and made grilled chicken, stir-fry vegetables and roasted garlic dip.

Yes boys, I can cook, and I’m single! **wink**

Okay, back to tele!