Life update: shopping booty

No I am not hunting backsides, I’ve been shopping on Wish a lot recently and my loot is lit. 

Wish items in the photo above are: bracelet, chain bead, fairy tail book bead, and crown bead. 

Wish items: Galaxy bead

Wish items: ring


Hi, I’m a Wish-o-holic…

  So after months of hearing about, I decided to buy from them. That was December/January. Now I am starting to see my purchases come in, and let me tell you, I like. 
So on the left is the bracelet and ring I bought for my friend, and on the right is the bracelet (minus the beads, those I bought somewhere else) and ring I bought for myself. 

Like any online purchases, there are risks. Out of the 16 items I’ve purchased from Wish (I know, I know 🙈) 3 of them I refunded for taking too long, 4 of them I received (pictured above) and 9 are still en route. 

Those 4 cost me $33.

Those 4’s retail value was $247.

And for those of you saying to yourself, “They’re not real”, hate to burst the hate bubble but I just asked the jeweller at my local mall about the ring on the right and he agrees it would be sold at the retail value the Web site states ($131). And I only paid $17, shipping included, so he was impressed. The only thing he warns is that jewelry is not an investment; that selling it to a pawn shop would only get you back it’s weight in silver, not the retail value. So buy it for your own pleasure.