Korean Beef and Kimchi Poke

So I was at the Union office (I am unionized at my workplace, and the Union Steward) and I had to order lunch for my sister and I. Well scrolling through Uber Eats I found a Poke shop called “Aloha Poke”. Praying that it’s not the same company from the states that was trying to copyright “Aloha” like a bunch of 1%-er morons, I ordered the first thing my sister said yes to.


Betty Crocker Mug Cakes

So they just came out at my local store, and I tried the rainbow sprinkle cake and… was kind of underwhelmed. I mean it was okay, but it was dense. I had this problem when I made my own mug cakes. “Why isn’t it fluffy like regular cake?”

Well when you make it, it’s made with just water. And cakes are made with vegetable oil and water. So I started playing with the ratios. The results? Three tablespoons water (like the instructions tell you) and add two tablespoons vegetable oil. It was probably the closest to box cake that’s ever come out of a microwave.

Videographer I am not. 😅

Sooo…. I lost my phone at work… and then it got stolen.

Here’s what happened; so I am at work counting inventory, and I count a skid of stock, the number is too high to do mentally so I whip out my phone, do the calculation real quick, and put it back in my pocket.

That’s the last time I remember having my phone. I didn’t feel it drop, didn’t hear it drop, but suddenly it’s gone.

At this point, I’m just thinking, “Oh, shit! My debit card and Presto!”

Now, I had an iPhone 7. I know that it’s gone. Employee or customer took it for sure. I still walked the floor; trying to see if it went under a skid or if I just misplaced it. Once I knew for sure I lost it, I borrowed my sister’s pass and took the bus to my bank to get a new card, then to my service provider to buy a new phone.

This fool is dumb, and here is the reason why. iPhone is the one brand that literally you can burn it from anywhere. So what did I do being the petty person I am (at least to thieves)?

Reported my debit card stolen. Reported my Presto card stolen. Reported it stolen to my service provider (cus the phone is locked to that company). Reported my iPhone stolen. Then to make it extra funny, I set my iPhone to erase the second it connects to internet. It would have erased when they attempted 10 passcode attempts but why wait?

So this idiot is going to screw up either on a bus, by a cash register, or when trying to break open stolen goods because this is the age of CCTV, and if they are dumb enough not to turn it in, then they are dumb enough to go to one of these three places to use any one of them.

I know, I’m not getting the phone back. This isn’t what this is. I was planning on buying a new phone anyway. What this is, is me being salty about the fact that my iPhone 7 was supposed to go to my best friend, whose phone had died and is currently using a shitty replacement phone.

Well I am on a iPhone 8 Plus now, and this was a one-off. I’ve never lost a phone before. And I’ll be damned if I lose it again. I just feel annoyed as all fuck that my friend has to now run around with a crap-tastic android.