Peonies are my favourite flower. Hands down.

Bought these today at the grocery store. They never have them, so imagine my surprise when they came in.

Was tempted to make essential oil out of them but I really couldn’t see myself having the patience to sit there and watch a pot boil. 😂


The Killmonger VS Thanos debate had me thinking…

So people are kinda balking at the fact that Micheal B. Jordan’s Killmonger beat out Josh Brolin’s Thanos as Best Villian at the MTV Movie & TV awards. But if you really look at his storyline, it kinda makes sense.

I mean sure, Thanos did depopulate half of the universe to try and save it in his own head. But I feel like his shit was an ego trip. He tried to warn his planet and that didn’t work out as he planned so it’s almost like to prove to no one that asked him to prove he was right, he then does it to the entire universe. Not that insanity is suppose to make sense, but his reasoning behind his villainy is severely flawed.

Killmonger’s animosity towards Wakanda is valid (in my humble opinion) and made sense if you look at it through the Marvel Universe’s eyes. The then King of Wakanda killed his father and abandoned him in The States, like they abandoned all the rest of the black people outside of it’s boarders whom his father was advocating to help. Growing up as an American gave him an up close look at how fucked up Wakanda is morally; “We have the power to make you better, healthier, stronger people with an identity that doesn’t involve the word ‘slave’ or ‘nigger’, but since you’re not of Wakanda, it ain’t our problem.”

With a single-minded goal to not go back and set things right, but instead to tear that shit to the ground, since in his eyes it’s morally corrupt to begin with, Killmonger aims to bring the country to war in order to finish what his father started.

He literally is a villain with nothing to lose.

So if we are looking at it from a writing standpoint, Thanos has a plot weaker then a wet paper bag, compared to Killmonger. The only thing Thanos beats him on is the scale of his endeavors, but not the quality.

In randomness…

I’ve been on a bit of a shopping fix since Christmas. I got an apple watch on sale, then after a day of owning it, I realized 1) I had no where in my small room to charge it properly, and 2) that plastic band it comes with, while nice, was completely not my style.

So… it is. I mean it’s not like I needed it urgently; I could wait, and as long as Wish didn’t lose my products in the mail I could wait a month.

Well one of them arrived (the other, a leather watch strap, is still sitting in a sorting centre somewhere in British Colombia) and surprisingly it fit perfectly with where I wanted to put it.— wooden charging dock

Hey, don’t judge my dusty window ledge. 😉

Another item that I randomly picked up was a travel battery/portable 64GB cloud storage from Yes, I need storage for my many, many photos. I take a lot of photos because of my job and because I love it so this was a nice random find that fit into my daily needs.

Last but not least… The Slap Hat from— Slap Hat

For ethnic girls like me, you didn’t even know you needed this until they advertised it. I bought a simple black hat on a bogo sale and I am so happy with it. Now I can go to work and keep my head warm and moisturized without a care in the world.

Having a bad hair day? No prob! Shove it in the hat and go! Couple days until your hair gets relaxed, but not wanting to look like a bucktee in these streets? No prob! Shove it in the hat. Shoot, I don’t even need hair ties. Gave the other one to my sister for the same reason. I’m trying to keep my hair game strong in 2019.

The last thing I want is to gut my room and redecorate. I’ve had the same desk since 2001 and it’s outlived it’s usefulness. I’ve also got a small room with grown-up over-clutter. I got hit with a bite from the cleaning bug when I watched “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, and now I’ve been obsessing with the idea of a major overhaul of my room’s style.

I feel like my small room needs more storage to put some things away out of sight, like make-up and paperwork.

Well that’s it for my random events and thoughts update. Since I didn’t get a chance to say it; Happy Belated Holidays and Happy New Year.

Slowly, my collection is growing…

So I am a big fan of the Fenty line of products. I started off with just the “Fenty Glow” lip gloss and now I own all three lip gloss shades, a lip stain, a lip stick, concealer, foundation and setting powder.

I don’t use make up much but I try to go for that natural look more often then not and this brand really does fit my needs without making my face look like a poured it on.

And the best part? My sister and I are the same shade so we are always sharing.

Currently watching…

So I am currently watching “Memories of the Alhambra” on Netflix… let me say this now. You know how “The Walking Dead” has “Talking Dead”?

This show needs a talk show to follow up with, purely for emotional support. As a gamer myself I am so drawn to the plot. What if this was real, how fucked up would it be to have it happen to you? (I am being vague so I don’t spoil it.)

Episode 9 especially. I just watched it. I’m shook. Probably just as shook as Hyun Bin in that last scene.

So if you watch the trailer and think this is just your typical K-drama, boy do you got another thing coming.